What Our Community Has to Say About the Moon Workbooks 💫

Thank you to all of our community members we LOVE reading what you have to say about your journey with us ❤️ 


“Since discovering the Spirit Daughter New Moon workbooks back in 2018, coincidently right when my personal sun season edition came out, I felt as if the universe was speaking directly to me. What I didn’t expect was a 2-year pursuit in discovering who I was using the power of the cosmos. I went from basically knowing nothing about the moon and the planets to seeing how directly their placements in the sky affected so many aspects of my life. ⁠

I think the best part about committing myself to the workbooks for a few years was the great self-reflection I can see as I thumb through the journal prompt pages of that girl I was. A little lost but devoted to the hard work in finding my personal truth and the creation of a new chapter. ⁠

Over time I found balance in connecting with the moon and her cycles, today I feel as if I have transformed my whole life and intuition because I had such a wonderful tool to guide me to my highest self.”⁠ 

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“I fell in love with @spiritdaughter while on the path to becoming a yoga instructor, and fell in love with her passion for the moon, moon art, zodiac signs, and all things spiritual.”

“I was in my mid 30’s at the time. I wanted to start to create birthday rituals for myself to help me manifest my future wishes and dreams. Once I saw Spirit Daughter offered moon magic tools (which I am all about moon and magic), I decided to purchase her moon journal for my birthday. I picked the Virgo New Moon Journal to use as a birthday ritual tool since Virgo is my birthday month. Once I opened this journal of magic, I fell in love. It has everything I needed to honor my solar return. Things like yoga, journal prompts, manifestation recommends like crystals, moon/astrology info, guided mediation, and best of all, moon and Virgo inspired artworks.”

“This journal is so beautiful that I decided to keep it and make it a yearly birthday ritual. This will be my 3rd year using Spirit Daughter’s Moon Journal as my birthday ritual. I have flipped open each past year's journal entries and read all the things I have manifested. Reading the words, I have placed on paper come to life years later, as well as seeing how far I have grown as a woman is fantastic to read in the present.”

“The moon journals have helped me be clear about the path I want to be on, my visions ahead and even what shadows I still need to work on. They helped me embrace my inner bruja magic by using candles, crystals, oracle, moon magic, and tarot. The vibes of the journals are so moonificent that I tell all my friends to add the moon journals into their birthday ritual to create some birthday magic ✨”





“I had followed Spirit Daughter months before and was inspired by the daily moon phase updates. That got me deeper into astrology and I found out that she also offered workbooks. I started buying the New Moon books which are my favorite because the New Moon energy always gives me so much inspiration and motivation."

“Since I'm living in Germany I always order the digital version and most of the times I print it out. I love to read them before bed or I take them with me to a café and journal in them with a delicious cup of coffee. For me it's super important to be in an inspiring surrounding in order to connect with my soul and fill out the journal questions.“⠀

“Oftentimes I do my own little New Moon ceremonies and follow the instructions in the book. I really like the corresponding crystals of the seasons as well as the yoga flow and meditations. Using Spirit Daughter’s workbooks has brought me so much clarity and inspiration. Her words in there are always so appropriate and come at the right time!” ✨ 





“The workbooks have been with me since I started my spiritual journey in 2017, and have become one of the most trusted tools at my altar. They have helped me become a more balanced human and magick-worker. My practice is very rooted self-awareness, so I appreciate how the workbooks provide a safe, loving exploration of the full self.”

“The knowledge that I’ve gained around how different signs express their energy throughout the moon phases is unmatched! I especially love the “Aligning the Spirit” section which always gives really practical advice on how to prepare our spirit to receive the high-frequency vibrations of a particular sign under the moon, and step into abundance.”

“Before I started to look at my full self, my energy was very frazzled and fickle. I thought that was the only way my energy could express itself, and I felt out of control. Working with the books, I’ve learned to value the duality of life and complexity of my own balance within nature and the world around me.”





“In my 30’s I felt the pull to dive into astrology again. At the time, I was beginning to enter the depths an inner journey, a quest to understand and connect to myself more, as well as a search for more meaning in my life and “my purpose.” I came across the Spirit Daughter workbooks in early 2018 and instantly, I was hooked.

I didn’t know much about the lunar cycle or anything more about the signs other than my own Sun sign, but her workbooks explain it all so beautifully. Even over 2 years later, I learn so much from each workbook about the Cosmos, how it all plays a part of in my life, and how I can work with the energy of each Full and New Moon to further support and propel me on my life’s journey. 

The Moon workbooks have helped open me up to embracing all aspects of myself. All my phases, just like the Moon. I’ve also loved exploring the magic and lessons of every sign and seeing how the each sign’s energy plays a role in my life. Because of these workbooks, I also started looking into my birth-chart and discovering the complexities of my personality, and I’ve been amazed (and incredibly comforted) at how accurate so much of the information feels to me. And each month, I’m still in awe about how spot-on the workbooks are for what I am going though in my life at the time.

I’ve been on a massive self-discovery journey these past few years and these workbooks have supported me in coming back home to myself and in trusting that I am always being held and supported by the magic of the Universe. I’m so glad I found Spirit Daughter’s Instagram page and said yes to this journey, and I am incredibly grateful to Jill for sharing her beautiful gifts with the world!”





“I stumbled upon Spirit Daughter on Instagram years ago, at a time when I was desperately searching to collect as much information as I could on a new path for myself. I wanted a more centered life focused on intentionality, acceptance, and knowledge of what so many others before us looked up to…the moon and the stars.⁠

The words in each journal are like cosmic music for my soul. I look forward to how it has become a ritualistic treat and all the little treasures that live within each edition. The Meditations, suggested card spreads, and Affirmations are probably my favorite extra parts to dive into on those special lunar days.⁠

I know that even though my life has changed since I placed my first order, these books are a reminder of how far I have come in my personal journey and more importantly, that there are so many others out there who are just as interested in this mystic roller coaster we are all on."





“I was introduced to the Spirit Daughter workbooks last November, I was gifted the Scorpio New Moon book by one of my dearest friends.⁠

Since doing that workbook during my sun sign it led me to sign up for the monthly subscription for the New and Full moon workbooks. ⁠

I find that working through the workbooks holds me accountable and more connected to the universe. I love how informational they are, I learned so much every time. I would highly recommend these workbooks to anyone who is new or seasoned in astrology. There’s so much for everyone! ⁠

I feel since doing the workbooks it has taught me so much that I’m able to teach my clients. Pass on the knowledge so they can better understand what’s going on in the universe and why certain moods and feelings arise at certain times. This will greatly help us as a collective to create a better world 🤍”⁠




“I’ve been using the Spirit Daughter workbooks since 2018. I find the insights into each sun season really connect me to my surroundings. The mediations and readings ground me into the vibrations of the season.”

“I really connect to the moon cycles, so I also find the New and Full moon aspects helpful in creating powerful manifestation rituals. Journaling is a huge part of my spiritual practice, and the Spirit Daughter workbooks are a perfect addition to that!”