Jill Wintersteen is the beautiful mind behind the quickly growing Venice based brand, Spirit Daughter. She was introduced to astrology and yoga as a teenager, and they have served as the foundation of her life for 20 plus years. Though she was drawn to these artistic expressions of wellness, Jill ended up following a more traditional path to become a neuroscientist due to her interest in the study of consciousness. While studying at Johns Hopkins, the opportunity presented itself for Jill to move to Venice Beach to study Chinese medicine, and that is when she returned to her true calling and began a practice of helping others to find grounding, peace, and their true path.

While living in Venice, Jill created a life fueled by her passion to help others. She built a robust private yoga practice, infused with alignment based yoga, Chinese medicine, and astrology. She continued to study and refine her skills in these areas with many mentors to provide her clients with a variety of tools for healing and understanding their thought patterns. She thoroughly enjoyed spending time with her clients, but after 8 years of working privately with people, she decided to open herself up to the universe for a new adventure. Jill had no idea what this would be but knew it would include helping others on a much bigger and widespread level than her current practice. She began traveling the world for ideas and new energies that would help her shift into a new dream.

Jill created the New and Full Moon Workbooks to serve as a tool to help people align with the current cosmic energies to set intentions and design their best life. Jill began writing these monthly guides as an extension of her existing New Moon Circle practice in Los Angeles. Jill observed a growing need for people to have practical information on current astrological events from a trusted source, which they could use to help create their dreams. Part guide and part journal, the workbooks combine the magic of astrology and the belief that people can live any life that they want. The Moon workbooks have been an instant worldwide success and continue to grow every month both in subscribers and in content. Jill loves sharing all of her knowledge with others in an understandable way and is grateful every day for the opportunity to do so. 

Jill is a Leo, Scorpio Moon, Libra ascendent 

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  • "The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need"  by Joanna Martine Woolfolk
  • "The Signs" by Carolyne Faulkner 


  • The Time Passages App
  • Deluxe Moon App

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