Why a New Moon Book?

The New Moon Book was born from a natural evolution of Jill Wintersteen’s, the founder of Spirit Daughter, journey with astrology and the Moon. Jill started her studies in astrology at a young age and became immersed in chart making one summer when she was 17. She would make charts for all of her friends along with hemp necklaces that matched there sun, moon and rising sign. She also spent many hours collecting crystals and studying animals totems. She loved different energies and the consciousness they brought about. Jill was a hippie in every sense of the word.

Obsessed with consciousness, she began her studies in Psychology which lead her to Neurology, where she developed her left brain and logical side through research and observational science. While she doesn’t tie hemp anymore, her love of astrology and all things magical persisted through her career as a neuroscientist and her creative right brain took over. She left neuroscience and slowly returned to her roots through yoga and became an in demand yoga teacher in Los Angeles.

While teaching yoga in LA, Jill began a series of New Moon Circles. Each one was created to align with the energy and magic of that New Moon and her corresponding zodiac. It was within these circles that Jill created her "New Moon Formula", of intention setting and consciousness exploration. She learned so much from the women that attended these circles and also began to recognize the growing need for a monthly New Moon practice. 

Jill wanted to expand the product line of Spirit Daughter and spent a morning in mediation, opening up to the universe for answers to the question “what is my next product?”. By the end of the meditation was the answer: A New Moon workbook, a book that people could buy monthly to learn about the New Moon, learn the astrology that  was currently theming it and how to hold the New Moon ritual themselves, where ever they lived in the world. The workbook is Jill’s way of spreading the magic as far as she can conceive at this point.

Her mission is to touch and effect as many people as possible with this practice. A practice that involves aligning with the moon, soul healing, empowerment and getting clear about what our true purpose is in this life. The questions designed every month are meant to invite people to really look at their behavior and choices (there’s that background in psychology coming in) and tear down their self-imposed beliefs. Her hope is that people will partake is this practice every month as a way of having a conversation with themselves on a regularly basis. Through this conversation, themed by the Moon, they will be guided through their own mind to their most empowered self. From this place they will be able to manifest and create any life they want, without limitation. 

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