A New Plan for Society: the North Node moves into Cancer


On Tuesday, election day in the United States, the North Node moves into Cancer from Leo and the South Node moves into Capricorn from Aquarius. This transition is huge, for all of us, and will usher in changes over the next 18 months. Let’s start by first understanding the Lunar Nodes. The Nodes are energetic vortexes formed where the Moon’s orbit meets the Sun’s path in our sky. There are two points: North and South. Think of them as energetic poles, affecting the vibrations of all of society. The frequencies they rain down on us are dependent upon which sign the Nodes fall in. The Lunar Nodes change signs every 18 months, always moving backward through the zodiac. Every year and a half we get a new set of energies to work with and new opportunities to incorporate in our life. 


The North Node represents where we are headed as a collective. These energies may not be apparent or even understood, in our world right now. The North Node, like a magnet, shifts our consciousness to include these frequencies on a global level. Since May of 2017, the North Node has been in Leo opening our hearts and teaching us how to accept our, and others, uniqueness. The North Node is Leo has inspired us to build our individual kingdoms and decide how we want to lead ourselves and those around us. It’s also given us the opportunity to let go of our egos and have the courage to truly accept ourselves, for who we really are in this world. Through this acceptance, the North Node in Leo has been teaching us how to treat, and respect, each other as individuals part of the same collective. We still have a long way to go in these areas, but we are having conversations every day on these topics and really listening to each other, which is a gigantic leap forward.


The South Node represents the energies we are resolving as a society. In many ways, these vibrations bring about closure, karmic resolution, and allow us to see what is blocking our evolution on an individual and collective level. Every energy has a low side and a high side. With the South Node, we are given the opportunity to release the low side of the frequencies it is bringing us. Eclipses occur at the Lunar Nodes. Every eclipse we’ve had over the last 18 months has brought us the chance to let go of the low vibrations of the South Node in Aquarius. Aquarius is an amazing energy. It moves society forward and encourages progressive thinking. Aquarius exalted brings us the essence of the “Age of Aquarius” a concept of peace where we all treat each other as humans, no better or worse than anyone else. Aquarius energy is beautiful, but with everything, there is also darkness to this energy. The low vibrations of Aquarius bring about the energy of complaining, blaming, aloofness and lack of accountability for one’s actions. This is the epitome of “stone throwing” behavior, where fingers are pointed at everyone else except ourselves. The low vibrations are also mirrored in people not wanting to participate in changing the world we live in, but sit on the sidelines and criticize. We, as a society, are learning to recognize these behaviors in ourselves and release them, giving way for the high side of Aquarius. We are speaking up, we are participating and we are holding ourselves, and those around us, accountable. We will continue this evolution in the coming years, but this time of the South Node in Aquarius has helped lead the way. 


                                                                      Image via Rebecca Reitz


This Tuesday, November 6th, everything shifts. With the North Node entering Cancer, we are being gifted the energy of nourishment. Cancer is the mother of the zodiac, she represents the way we nurture ourselves and others. She also represents the way we hold space for ourselves and our ideas, including our intentions. Cancer teaches us that we are the womb for our visions. We create the container for our intentions to manifest and it is up to us to nourish them. It is not up to us to force them or control them in any way. Just as a mother does not control the development of a baby in the womb, we cannot control the evolution of the intentions we set. We must trust the process and hold space for the ideas to flourish but not over direct, or micromanage, them in any way. A pregnant woman does not “will” the development of say her baby’s arm. She does, though, take care of herself and provide the best container possible for the DNA to express itself. 


The North Node in Cancer is reminding us to build the best containers for our intentions but to allow them to run their own course. Basically, this means we don’t have to work as hard. This energy is also urging us to use our intuition in the process and remember our deep connection with nature itself. We do not need force things. We just need to receive the energy guiding us and the world around us, to fulfill our dreams. We have the ability to attract any energy we want. We can live any dream and we can create any reality we choose. We just need to be receptive and feel our intuition guiding us. We need to hold space for the process, instead of “making” it happen. This is the essence of the North Node in Cancer. This also works on a collective level, ask yourself what vision you are holding for the world around you.

As for the South Node, here we have the chance to move away from the low side of Capricorn. The Sea Goat brings us many gifts. Stamina, perseverance, drive, these are all qualities of Capricorn. For this energy, no mountain is too high and no ocean is too wide to cross. Capricorn is unstoppable. The low side, the vibrations we have an opportunity to shift, are overworking, aloofness and isolation. When we align with these low vibrations we tend to work ourselves to the point of exhaustion, forgoing our relationship with ourself and others. We also disconnect from life itself, including nature. If we view life as a series of containers; one for work, one for our partner, one for our self-care and so on, the low side of Capricorn results in very imbalanced containers. There is forcing, not flowing, and there is an overemphasis of how the world views us, i.e our reputation. There is also the feeling of loneliness caused by too much focus on one thing and not enough time connecting with nature and with other humans. 


With the South Node in Capricorn, we have the chance to create a true work-life balance and make sure all of our containers are nourished and full. The South Node energy shows up differently for all of us. We may see these behaviors in others or ourself. We may begin to recognize we don’t need to work as hard for the same results. Capricorn represents father energy. This is the energy of discipline and hard truths. While structure is needed in our world, we will see a softening around how we create order in our lives. Yes, commitments are to be honored, but we also need to understand when the course of our lives takes a different turn and honor the commitment to our own nourishment first. In essence, we don’t need to be so hard on ourselves. 


As we let go of the low sides of Capricorn and we give ourselves space to feel, to process, and to heal. Many of us are walking around in fear and traumatized from the world we live in. The shifting of the Nodes is ushering in a time to cry, to heal and feel what we have endured in this life and last. It is a time to sit in the womb of the universe and be nourished back to balance. It is also a time to feel the power of the feminine energy to restore us, and this planet, back to health.  It’s a time for gentleness, ease, and trust in the natural rhythm of life.


Over the next year and a half, let go of being too busy to enjoy your life. Stop working  24/7 to climb the proverbial ladder. Instead, accept that all you need to do is hold the vision of the top, and you’ll effortlessly float up the steps. No physical, or mental, exertion is required, only your intuitive guidance connected to all there is through the beauty of nature. We also have the opportunity to connect back with Mother Earth, the ultimate container. Ask her to hold you as you form a new pattern of interacting with your visions and your concept of work. Ask yourself what it is you want to nourish over the next 18 months and spend time holding space for your intentions instead of forcing them to happen. Accept you are good enough to attract them and deserve them. Trust the process of your life. Then rest. 


Learn how this energy of the North Node is affecting the Scorpio New Moon in the workbook, occurring a day after the shift. 


Cover Art via Ameya Ajay