Pisces Full Moon Workbook (Printed)

Pisces Full Moon Workbook (Printed)


Align with the Rhythm of your life with the Pisces Full Moon Aug 26th. 

This workbook is for ALL signs, it is designed to tap you into the collective astrological energy. 

Full Moons provide us with powerful times of release and renewal. They occur when the Moon is opposite the Sun, creating an intense energy for us to harness. The Full Moon also occurs in the opposite zodiac sign of the Sun. While the Full Moon is in Pisces this month, the Sun will be opposing her in Virgo. Opposite signs are always similar in their core and create a spectrum of energy to work with on the Full Moon. In working with this energy, we open ourselves to breakthroughs and releases which clear the way for us to put action to our intentions. 

The workbook takes you on a journey of the energies of each sign so you can understand them within yourself, including their high and low sides. The workbook culminates with deep practices to help you find balance amongst the oppositional energies within yourself and find their balance point. Pisces journey is one trust, learning to follow our intuition, and forgiving ourselves for past lessons.  
The Full Moon Workbook includes:

  • An explanation of the Full Moon
  • A summary of what a Full Moon means in Pisces
  • Specific astrology for the day of the Full Moon and how to work with the oppositional nature of Pisces and Virgo.  
  • Meditation for Pisces
  • Lunar Flow for Pisces
  • Pisces Circle Set Up.
  • Pisces Practices to learn to trust yourself. 
  • A place for Reflection
  • A summary of the Last Quarter energy 

Workbooks will start shipping Aug 9th

Cover Art by Rebecca Reitz

Available Single Issue or Subscribe to the Full Moon Workbook Series

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Pisces Full Moon Workbook (Printed)

Pisces Full Moon Workbook (Printed)

Pisces Full Moon Workbook (Printed)
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