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Libra Season + New Moon Workbook (Digital) *Back Issues

Libra Season + New Moon Workbook (Digital) *Back Issues


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The Libra Season  + New Moon Workbook

For the Libra Season Sept 23rd- Oct 21st and the New Moon Sept 28th

*Newly formatted to include practices for the entire Lunar Cycle.

On the Fall Equinox, a day of balance, we are greeted by Libra, the sign of the scales. If you happen to be in the Southern Hemisphere, you are experiencing the same balance on your Spring Equinox and are still entering the season of Libra. Libra reminds us that inner peace and harmony are the most important energies to maintain. It takes work to remain calm in the face of any situation, but with the right tools, we can achieve a balanced internal vibration no matter what the external world brings us. Libra’s season is a time to cultivate inner strength and the resolve to make our inner peace the priority above anything else.

From this internal balance, we can then extend harmony to our relationships and partnerships. Libra reminds us we live in a world of amongst other people.

Her season is a time to look closely at our partnerships and decide if there is an equal energy exchange, or if work is needed. Her New Moon gives us an opportunity to clarify what types of relationships are best for both our energy and our peace.

The New Moon workbook is part guide, part journal, and part magic. You may use this guide all Libra season or just around the New Moon. The workbook is based upon the current astrology and is for everyone no matter your Sun, or Moon, Sign. The workbook takes you on a deep journey of the soul, giving you practical uses to utilize the energy of Libra through journaling prompts and powerful intention setting exercises to further your energetic evolution. This monthly workbook aims to help you develop your most empowered and creative self in a world where you can manifest any dream you dare.  

This Libra workbook contains:

  • The astrological significance of Libra Season.
  • Exercises  for Week 1 of the Season
  • Exercises for Week 2 of the Season
  • The current astrological information for the New Moon in Libra
  • Important information about what a New Moon means
  • Libra  Moonscopes (for your Moon and Libra )
  • Crystals descriptions for Libra  
  • Libra  Meditations
  • Libra Lunar Flow 
  • Tips for Partnerships
  • Astro Forecast (planetary transits)
  • Libra  Circle Set Up
  • Intention Setting Exercises
  • Journaling Prompts

    Cover Art by Rebecca Reitz 

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    Subscription for the New Moon only, please subscribe to the Full Moon Workbook separately- they will be billed together though.

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    Libra Season + New Moon Workbook (Digital) *Back Issues

    Libra Season + New Moon Workbook (Digital) *Back Issues

    Libra Season + New Moon Workbook (Digital) *Back Issues
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