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Cancer Lunar Eclipse Workbook (Digital) *Back Issue

Cancer Lunar Eclipse Workbook (Digital) *Back Issue


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Cancer Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse (Jan 10th)

Get ready to nourish your soul on the first Full Moon of 2020- and it’s a Lunar Eclipse. This is the perfect Moon to turn inward after the busy holiday season to restore, recharge and energetically clear the way for a New Year. It is an invitation to pause, sit with yourself, and align with your roots. Coupled with a Lunar Eclipse, this Moon helps you get in touch with what makes you feel good so you can incorporate more of it into your life in 2020. To create the life of your dreams, you must first understand yourself at a soul level. This is the Moon to get into touch with what brings you joy, relieves your worries and helps you create a life of balance and soul fulfillment.

The Cancer Full Moon Workbook directs your energy inward, helping you restore balance to your entire system. Learn the high side and the low sides of both Cancer and Capricorn through this workbook, so you may integrate the higher vibrations into your being. The in-depth practices help you understand and create a balance between every aspect of your life including your work, relationships and self-care.  They then take you on a journey of developing an energy around you that supports and nourishes your soul. Be prepared to believe you can have it all after experiencing the power of this Full Moon.

The Cancer Workbook includes:

  • An explanation of the energies of the Lunar Eclipse
  • A summary of what a Full Moon means in Cancer
  • Specific astrology for the day of the Full Moon and how to work with the oppositional nature of the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Cancer 
  • Meditation for the Cancer Lunar Eclipse
  • Yoga for the Cancer Eclipse
  • *New Section* Node Scopes (How this Full Moon will affect you based on your personal Lunar Nodes)
  • Cancer Eclipse Circle Set Up + Letting Go ritual
  • A Card Reading Ritual  for the Cancer Eclipse
  • Practices designed to help you create balance, restoration, and joy in your life.
  • A place for Reflection

    Cover Art by Rebecca Reitz 

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    Cancer Lunar Eclipse Workbook (Digital) *Back Issue

    Cancer Lunar Eclipse Workbook (Digital) *Back Issue

    Cancer Lunar Eclipse Workbook (Digital) *Back Issue
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