Aries Season + New Moon Workbook (Digital)

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Back Issue

Digital Issue emailed immediately upon purchase. *Please check spam

For Aries Season Mar 20th- Apr 19th and the Aries New Moon Mar 31st. 


Ready to feel your inner fire? Beginning at the start of the astrological year, Aries season gives us the energy of passion, action and new beginnings. Align with her season and her New Moon through this workbook. An interactive experience, written each month, the Aries Workbook will help you align with your life’s mission and find the courage to pursue it. Not to worry, the workbook is based upon the current astrology and is for everyone no matter your Sun, or Moon, Sign. 

The workbook contains a unique perspective of the New Moon, tons of information on Aries, including personal sign information. Plus crystals, rituals, and meditations- all designed to align you with the energy of the Ram. There are also Moonscopes! Special Horoscopes to help understand how Aries will affect you personally.

The workbook then takes you on a deeper journey of the soul, giving you practical uses to utilize the energy of Aries on her New Moon through journaling prompts and powerful intention-setting exercises to further your energetic evolution. This monthly workbook aims to help you develop your most empowered and creative self in a world where you can manifest any dream you dare to dream.  

Written each month by Jill Wintersteen, founder of Spirit Daughter

The Aries workbook contains:

    • The astrological significance of Aries Season.
    • Aries Moonscopes (for your Moon sign and Aries )
    • Crystals descriptions for Aries  
    • Aries Meditations
    • Aries  Lunar Flow
    • Tips for Finding Your Soul’s Mission 
    • Important information about what a New Moon means
    • The current astrological information for the New Moon in Aries  
    • Aries New Moon Circle Set Up
    • New Moon Intention Setting Exercises
    • New Moon Journaling Prompts
    • Aries Personal Sign Info
    • Spring Equinox practice
    • Astrology Forecast

    Cover Art by Rebecca Reitz 


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