The Story of the Dreamcatchers

I’ve come across amazing women all over the globe, spanning many cultures. All with the same thing in common, a connection to spirit. This common thread includes the use of magic, water rituals, prayer, moon and sun energies but most importantly community and connection. I am constantly reminded that no matter where we come from we are all daughters of the same Great Spirit. We are one.

I met a special soul in Bali one year, named Ayu, who made the incredible dreamcatchers you see throughout the site.  I knew instantly that by selling these works of art I would change not only her life but the lives of her family. I could feel we shared the same connection to spirit as my community in Venice, Ca and we could all learn and help each other. Thus, Spirit Daughter was born. 

Every dreamcatcher we sell is handmade in Bali by Ayu, her sisters, and her friends. The money she makes goes to support her sons, her family and her community. When I bought the first order from her, there where tears of gratitude in her eyes and my heart was overwhelmed with love. I knew we were meant to meet each other and we were creating something special and sacred.

I choose to name the dreamcatchers after spirit animals to honor their history in Native American traditions. Medicine Cards have always been a scared tool for me to understand the energy of the world. They have provided me invaluable guidance and perspectives. Choose the one that speaks to you, and allow it to guide you to your dreams.

Each dreamcatcher represents the magic of believing, the community of spirit and the common goal of following our souls to what we love. They are a reminder that with the right vision and the right support dreams can come true, if we just dare to dream them.