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Scorpio Crystal Kit

Scorpio Crystal Kit


Includes the five crystals from the Scorpio Workbook 

Use these crystals to help align you with the Energy of Scorpio during the Scorpio Season, the Scorpio New Moon or Full Moon or any time you are in need of a little extra magic in your life.

These crystals are also perfect if you happen to be a Scorpio Sun or Moon sign. 


Snowflake Obsidian for grounding.   

Rainbow Hematite for balance. 

Shungite to connect to universal wisdom.

Onyx to call in magic.

Ruby Fuchsite for unconditional love.

You can place one crystal in each hand while meditating, or make a mini-grid for your space. 


*Each Kit varies.

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Scorpio Crystal Kit

Scorpio Crystal Kit

Scorpio Crystal Kit
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