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What is a Black Moon?

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A Black Moon is the second New Moon in one month. The Leo New Moon is technically a Black Moon, as it is the second New Moon of July for North and South America and the first of two New Moons occurring in August for the rest of the world. Full and New Moons always occur at the same moment in time no matter where you are on the planet.  The time itself will vary according to your time zone, though. The Leo Black Moon occurs exactly at 3:11am UTC (Universal Time) on August 1st. If you are in the Pacific Time Zone it occurs exactly at 8:11 PM PDT July 31st. If you are on the East Coast of America the Black Moon exact for you is at 11:11 PM EDT July 31st. If you happen to be in Sydney, Australia the Black Moon occurs for you at 1:11 PM Aug 1st. No matter where your feet land on the day of the Black Moon, it occurs at the same slice of time everywhere- just not the same actual time. It’s a bit of a mind-bender, but just know we all experience her affects at the same moment, no matter what country or time zone you are in. This is why the Leo Black Moon is the second New Moon for half of the world in the month of July and the first of two New Moons in August for the other half of the world. The second New Moon in August for the latter half is the Virgo New Moon Aug 30th.

The New Moon exact occurs when the Sun and the Moon are positioned at exactly the same degree in the sky. This also means they are in the same zodiac constellation. The Sun and Moon conjunction makes the Moon appear invisible or dark to us on Earth. There is no sunlight shining on the Moon from our angle. If you happened to be viewing the Moon from the other side (in between the Sun and the Moon) she would actually appear Full! For our vantage point, though, she is dark on a New Moon and her darkness is what draws us inward to the depths of our subconscious. With the veil lowered between the conscious and subconscious mind on a New Moon, we can clearly see our attachments and what holds us back from our dreams. We can also see our true desires, unbound by any restrictions our conscious mind may place upon them. From this darkness, we can create our highest visions and start to plant intentions to help bring them to fruition.

On a Black Moon, the energy of a New Moon is amplified. We can travel even further inward to clear out and cleanse energies which don’t align with our visions of the future. A Black Moon takes on an element of release, much like a Full Moon, but it does so by shifting our inner world so powerfully that we feel reborn. It’s a time to cut old cords, to break free of patterns blocking our dreams, and to see our shadows which prevent us from fully stepping into our power. On a Black Moon, there is an opportunity to enter a new realm of being, one that resonates with every layer of your energy.

The Black Moon in Leo is also an extension of the New Moon in Cancer which preceded it, and a prelude to the New Moon in Virgo. It is a bridge among Moons and creates a powerful link between these energies. The Black Moon is an opportunity to feel into any blocks which may have prevented you from manifesting your intentions of the Cancer New Moon, and clear them away for the next Lunar Cycle. Expect issues to arise around the energy you called in on the Cancer New Moon, which was also a Solar Eclipse. Know that you now have the energy of Leo to help you work with any obstacles that have arisen since that Moon.

The normal vibrations of a Leo New Moon will also be amplified this day, turning up the energies around our self-expression and creativity. The Black Moon holds all the power of a regular New Moon plus some. It even makes our intentions more powerful as we write them and send them out into the universe. Tune into its power next week, and give yourself space to feel it in your energetic field. Try to write your intentions and practice your New Moon rituals as close to the New Moon exact as possible. The energy will last for about three days, but is the most potent closet to the exact moment the Sun and Moon meet in the sky. If you can’t practice on the night of the New Moon, try to make space the next morning or day. It’s a special Moon, give yourself the opportunity to experience its gifts.


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