Venus Retrograde 2020: Returning to Love


On May 13th, Venus begins her 42-day journey backward in our sky, through the stars of Gemini. Venus Retrograde comes to us at the perfect time, as everything does in the Universe. This period is an opportunity for us all to return to love, to return to beauty, and to return to balance.

Retrogrades happen to all planets except Earth. They are simply an optical illusion which occurs because the rate of our orbit compared to other planet’s differs. Venus Retrograde takes place every 18 months for about six weeks. Over an eight-year span, Venus has five retrograde cycles creating a beautiful image as she and the Earth dance around each other, known as the Seed of Life. This sacred geometric pattern illustrates the energy Venus brings us; love, beauty, and femininity. This pattern reminds us that these energies are the basis of all life and must be respected and protected. Retrograde periods, which create this pattern, are a time for us to return to beauty through appreciation. From this place, we can return to a state of love.

Image via Earthsky.org

We have reached a critical mass as a society where the path forward has two directions; one of fear and disempowerment and one of love and union. We can either stay in a lower vibration of scarcity, distrust, and anxiety, or we can rise above to a higher vibration of gratitude, abundance, compassion, and unconditional love. Throughout this period of Venus Retrograde, feel into what truly inspires love within your being. What taps you into your heart and reminds you of the beauty known to this world? What opens you to connect with others and feel universal love coming through you?

Venus is currently positioned in Gemini for this retrograde bringing our attention towards how we communicate and exchange energy with others. It also illuminates how we communicate with ourselves. Venus inspires us to go within and speak to others from a frequency of love and compassion. This period is a time to pause before we connect with another and first connect with ourselves, and our hearts. Throughout this transit set an intention to have heart-based communications with everyone around you. See yourself in another and place compassion before judgment in all exchanges. This type of communication requires you first to learn to love yourself and remain in a higher vibration of love. Take the opportunity Venus Retrograde in Gemini offers you and have some conversations with your heart. Find what opens it and what allows it to speak. The heart is the center of our energetic field and our consciousness. Feel the truth of your heart and allow it to become the guiding force of your life.  

Finding and staying in the frequency of love can be challenging for many of us. Life throws us curveballs and many situations that test our ability to stay in the highest vibrations. It all starts with gratitude, though. Over the next 42 days, commit to writing down five to ten things you are grateful for in your life each day. Start every day filling yourself with an appreciation for yourself and the life you’ve created. Some days you may just be grateful for the simple things like clean water and air, some days you may write an endless list filling the page. Challenge yourself to find new things to be grateful for when you begin to write the same things over and over. It’s an amazing experience to realize how much gratitude you can generate each day and how much there is to appreciate. Don’t forget to appreciate yourself, as well. Be grateful for your wisdom, your willingness to evolve, and the work you do to change your reality. As you grow more appreciative of yourself, you’ll begin to love yourself in a new way and open your heart so it can speak even more loudly. It will become the center of your Universe and you'll naturally extend compassion to everyone you meet. 

Along with cultivating gratitude, find ways each day to honor your intuition. Venus is a feminine energy, and her retrograde is a time to return to your feminine power, regardless of your gender. Feel into your inner knowledge and allow it to lead the way over your practical mind. Intuition comes from the heart. It appears as flashes and a-ha moments. Intuition is based in feeling and may not have words associated with it, coming through as visions or dreams. It does not require a pros and cons list, nor does it need hours of analysis. Intuitive decisions come easily, sometimes so easily we can’t believe they are real. Throughout this retrograde, learn to trust your intuition. Start with small decisions and keep a record of when your intuition knew the correct answer, whether you followed it our not. Begin to collect evidence that your intuitive feelings can be trusted and valued. Allow them and your heart to show you the path forward. 

As you begin to maintain a higher vibration of gratitude and start to follow your intuition, abundance will come naturally to you. Abundance is a feminine energy. Scarcity is masculine. An abundant mindset occurs when we feel there is enough for everyone, and there is no need to compete or fight for resources. When we feel abundant, we practice unconditional giving because we know there is enough. Gratitude leads to abundance by drawing our attention to all that we have in our lives. This allows us to give, to receive, and to let go of competitiveness. We see the world as one, not something to be divided up and conquered but something to be shared.

Over the next 42 days, feel places where a scarcity mindset shows up for you. Where do you feel insecure and unstable in your life? Where do you feel you don’t have enough? How does this make you act, and how can you shift to a more abundant mindset, trusting the unlimited energy of the Universe? Furthermore, how can you trust your own power to call in abundance in all forms? Abundance is a frequency that we attract through our own energy. Align with Venus and the feminine energy to simply be and rest in your vibration, knowing that it's calling in everything you need. Over this transit focus on raising your vibration instead of forcing, chasing, or trying to make something happen. The work of a retrograde is internal. Reach for the highest vibration of love and everything else will reach for you. 

When we combine the energies of gratitude, intuition, and true abundance, we arrive at the frequencies of love and compassion. We can exist at this higher vibration and live a life aligned with our hearts. We know how to feel and how to open ourselves up to genuine connections with others. We communicate from a place of compassion, letting go of petty judgments. We give easily to those around us and appreciate all that we have in our lives. Intuition comes naturally, as our heart leads the way forward with ease. Life just flows, and we flow with it. Yes, there is still pain, and there are still experiences that may lower our frequency, but when we live from our heart, we know how to process emotions and rise back to love. Our default becomes a vibration of love. The truth is, we are born this way, and all we have to is return home to our hearts. Venus Retrograde is a time to return to love. Use the next six weeks to define what that means for you.

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