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The Numerology of 2020: A Four Year

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The year 2020 is almost here, bringing all the excitement of a new decade with a very futuristic feel. In numerology, 2020 is the universal year 4 (2 + 0 + 2 + 0). The number 4 represents foundations. It’s the energy we build our life upon, and often denotes hard work, clear visions, and the perseverance to see projects through to completion despite any setbacks. Additionally, 4 energy comes with some destruction of old paradigms and ways of being, so new programs can be brought in. Often our old foundations which no longer support our growth need to be cleared away before new ones capable of holding the weight of our full dreams can be constructed in their place.

So where do we start working with the energy of 2020? We start with the small things first. Foundations are constructed from the many pieces of our lives. These pieces are simple habits that we often perform every day. They are thoughts, behaviors, and interactions we have with others. They are daily routines, practices, and disciplines which guide our energy. Foundations are built from moments that, when put together, create a complete life. As we venture into 2020, begin to look at what creates the foundation of your life. What do you do each day when you wake up? What thoughts do you allow in? What are your priorities the first hour of the day? How about the second? The morning holds magic and untapped potential each day, when working on foundations, look to these first hours to build the day upon.

Ideally, the morning time helps set the vibration, or tone, for the rest of your day. It becomes the foundation for your day, and over time, the foundation for your life. What sets your energy each morning? Is it done through meditation, or is it done through interactions with your phone? What do you want influencing your energy? Time alone journaling, or reactions to messages which can wait an hour? Perhaps you have a family and have sacrificed time for yourself to help your children off to school. Is there a way you get up thirty minutes earlier to soak in the calmness of a new day before the hustle and bustle of the morning begins?

As you begin to work with your larger visions and intentions of this year, align with the 4 energy to start small. Create a plan for each morning and how you would like it to unfold. Not every morning in 2020 may occur this way, but create a foundation to return to when things go awry because of travel or some other event disrupts your program. Design a plan for each morning that allows you to set your energy for the day. This can be meditation, journaling, writing a gratitude list, taking a walk with your dog, or even just having a cup of tea in nature. Find what helps raise your vibration and makes you feel connected to joy and gratitude each day before you launch into the day’s activities.

After a month or two of feeling the benefits of starting the day with a steady foundation, begin to feel the impact it has on the rest of your life. How does having a strong daily foundation affect you? Notice how this daily practice can extend to helping you build foundations in other areas of your life. What else needs a new foundation? Perhaps you are working on a new project, or planning an extended trip. You can apply the same principles of your morning routine to anything. What we’re working with is small steps done every day until something greater shifts. It takes hard work and dedication, but once the plan is in place, all you need the commitment to follow it. If you decide you have a project you want to bring to fruition in 2020, begin with the foundation based on small steps. This approach may not be the most glamorous, or may not provide the biggest reward, but it will be the most important. Focus first on the pieces which support the whole structure. Place your attention on developing the daily routines which support the creation of the grander visions and potential of what the project could become. It all starts with the foundation, though, without it everything else topples.

Align with the energy of 2020 to work on all of your foundations, starting first with yourself. Everything else will become an extension of what you first build for your own energy. Enjoy the process, it’s very grounding and very expansive in its own way. Allow the work to build and one day soon, you’ll wake up in new wonderful reality, built through dedication and small steps practiced daily.