Saturn Retrograde 2020: Committing to Humanity


On Monday, May 11th, Saturn the planet of karma, responsibility, and life lessons begins its four-month backward stint in our sky. Not to worry, Saturn Retrograde is nothing to fear. It is not nearly as intense as Mercury Retrograde and won’t send our e-mail servers crashing down. Saturn retrograde is actually a good thing. It inspires us to take responsibility for our energetic body and commit to the vibration we put out into the world.

Let's start by first understanding what actually happens when a planet is retrograde. Saturn takes about 29 years to orbit the Sun, which is a lot longer than Earth, making us pass it every year. When we are “catching up” to Saturn, it appears to be moving backward. Much like when a train passes a slower train. It’s not actually moving backward, it just appears that way. Saturn is retrograde for 4.5 months every year. This year it stations direct September 29th.

Saturn governs the energy of rules, regulations, government, commitments, responsibilities, and karma. Saturn reminds us that we are free to do whatever we want, but there are always consequences. Retrogrades spin the energy of the planet inward, they encourage us to refocus, reevaluate, reprocess. With Saturn, the retrograde energy asks us to look at our responsibilities and recommit to the ones we want to continue to nourish. It’s a time to feel into how we dedicate our energy and decide what is really worth our precious time.

Saturn is currently in Aquarius, the sign which governs the collective energy. With Saturn stationed retrograde here, we are encouraged to focus on how our commitments contribute to raising the vibration of humanity. It’s a time to understand that we are interconnected to everyone on the planet and we co-create our reality together. We are responsible for our own energy and the frequency we emit. It’s time to understand that each person on the planet sends out an energetic signature and that creates a complex web of energies known as the collective conscious. We each contribute a piece of this web through our thoughts, emotions, and overall vibration. When we vibrate at a higher level, so does the collective vibration. If we each commit to doing the work needed to lift our vibration, then we all rise together. Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius is the Universe’s gentle nudge to commit to raising your vibration, not just for yourself but for humanity.

With Saturn involved, there is generally work involved of some sort. This work may be your actual job, but more than likely it’s the work you do on yourself. It’s time spent journaling, feeling, processing, and making changes in your life. The work Saturn asks of you also involves your karma. Karma is not as simple as you do something good, good things happen or you do something bad, bad things happen. It can work that way, but it also much more complex than that. Karma occurs when two energies bind together. They can stay bound throughout time and space, meaning they transcend lifetimes. When we have an interaction with someone or something, like a concept, and we stay attached to that energy, karma is created. We stay energetically entangled until the karma is worked out and the lesson is learned. Saturn and Karma are about lessons. Once we learn what is being offered by the situation we can move on. We become free of the karmic bond. For instance, if you are in a relationship with someone and they hurt you, karma is created until the resulting pain is resolved. You may work out the trauma with the person, or you may attract situations that bring up the same pain until you can resolve it. You may call in the same type of person over and over again into your life until you finally break the cycle and find forgiveness.

Throughout Saturn Retrograde notice what circumstances seem to be on repeat in your life. Become aware of what your karma is calling into your world so you can find resolution with an old attachment. Also, clear your karma with others. Take responsibility for your actions and your role in situations that didn’t turn out as hoped. Learn what you need to from others with an open mind and willingness to listen to their side. Also, learn what you need from yourself. How can you look at a situation differently to understand it from another angle? As you resolve your karma, you pull your energy into the present moment. You detach from the past and make your entire vibration available to you in the here and now. As you free yourself of the energetic attachments, you take control of your frequency and in turn vibrate higher. When we are not spending time thinking about the past, we are free to fully step into the present. The full spectrum of our energy becomes available to us to direct, harness, and create the life we want. We can make a commitment with confidence and we can contribute to the rise of the collective vibration.

Saturn Retrograde can feel heavy, know that the point of it is to lighten you. It is crucial for you to strengthen your energy right now. You do not have the luxury of wasting our energetic resources. If something is draining you or lowering your vibration, learn from it, and move on. Gather your energy into the present so you can fully co-create the world we are stepping into as a collective. Feel your responsibly to help raise the vibration of this planet and commit to practices that help you do this one day at a time.

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