Pluto Retrograde 2020: Finding Light in the Shadows


Pluto stations retrograde on April 25, 2020 at 24°59' Capricorn until October 4, 2020 when it will station direct at 22°29' Capricorn. Pluto is the planet that governs transformation, including the ongoing cycles of life, death, and rebirth. Pluto directs our attention to the shadow side of life. It illuminates the areas that need healing, resolution, and understanding. Pluto pulls energy to the surface of our conscious mind so we can deal with it. In doing so, the energy of this planet can bring up pain, trauma, and hardship. It's important to keep in mind that when Pluto drudges up shadows, it's for higher transformation. Pluto reminds us that we are each an alchemist. When we see every event, energy, and emotion as an opportunity to evolve, we gain the power of alchemy. We gain the ability to create magic in front of our eyes and turn our shadows into our greatest light. Pluto rules Scorpio and shares many energies with this sign which we will see illuminated on the Full Moon in Scorpio May 7th.

Every energy, including signs, planets, and everything else in the Universe, has a low side and a high side. There are always shadows, and there are always opportunities. Please keep this in mind when learning about the astrological energies described below and when reading about any energy.

Pluto is one of the main astrological players of our current world events. Along with our shadows, Pluto rules everything relating to death, including viruses and pandemics. Pluto's energies have been enhanced this year by a meeting with Saturn in January and a close orbit with Jupiter from March until mid-December. When planets form conjunctions (sit together in the sky), they activate each other, and we, on Earth, feel the full intensity of their vibrations.

Saturn brings us the element of responsibility, karma, and governmental systems, while Jupiter brings us expansion and growth. The Pluto/Saturn conjunction brought our attention, and the attention of every global leader, to the growing threat of a pandemic. Astrologically speaking, this conjunction became the catalyst for a period of transformation, asking us to become more responsible with our resources, including those of Mother Earth. Saturn's energy reminds us that we can do what we want, be there are always consequences and repercussions. Responsibility and consequences have become a major theme of our life as we wrestle with this new normal. Saturn has since moved on from Pluto and into Aquarius but is still influencing the energy of our lives. Its influence will become even more apparent when it stations retrograde and returns to Capricorn, getting near Pluto once again in early July. It will appear that Saturn is chasing Pluto as they both move backward through Capricorn until Saturn stations direct and moves back into Aquarius mid-December.

Along with meeting Saturn, Pluto will dance around Jupiter, activating different energies governed by these planets. Jupiter expands anything it touches. It shows us our potential and gives us the faith that anything can be achieved. When Jupiter and Pluto meet, we have an opportunity to break free of our old patterns and take a leap of faith into a new reality. It's an opportunity for a paradigm shift on a global level. This conjunction gives us hope that all past traumas can be healed if we are willing to look at the darkness and confront it with light. If we choose to get swallowed by it, then healing will be harder, not impossible, but harder. If we anchor our vibration in positivity and choose to align with the optimistic energy of Jupiter, then we access Pluto's gifts of ultimate transformation. Jupiter gives us hope that what we are going through right now is for a reason, and that reason will heal the broken pieces of society with a new light.

Due to Retrograde motion, Jupiter and Pluto meet on three pivotal dates in 2020: April 4th, June 30th, and November 12th. The days leading up to these dates are when we need to hold space for higher frequencies to unfold. On April 4th, a global meditation was organized, which is the exact event we need to help us through these times. Make a note somewhere to meditate in community on these next two meetings. Jupiter and Pluto will remain connected until mid-December, when they both will move into Aquarius, hopefully putting the majority of this current crisis behind us.

While each planet stations retrograde, we have an opportunity to work with its energy on a deeper level. Retrogrades help us reprocess, realign, and reorganize the energy of the planet. We can reach new perspectives and can shift our vibration with the help of each retrograde. Pluto Retrograde gives us the opportunity to view the current events as a time of transformation for ourselves, for society, and our planet. It's a chance to find meaning in the pain and hardship caused by this global pandemic and find our power during a time when we feel helpless. Jupiter's energy is heavily involved in this Retrograde. Along with faith, luck, and growth, Jupiter also brings us miracles. It's important to hold space for miracles right now, especially when the lower energies of fear and mistrust of Pluto begin to surface

In its highest light, Pluto teaches us to honor the ongoing cycles of the Universe. We see the ebb and flow of life itself and learn to trust them. Pluto helps us understand the deeper meaning of things and shows us how to interpret energies differently. For instance, Pluto introduces us to the idea that sometimes seemingly negative events occur to actually block even harsher realities from unfolding. Pluto reorganizes the way we view pain and even death, reminding us that we are eternal beings, and this lifetime is part of a series of lifetimes. Our energy is on a constant quest of evolution, and it is never lost, only found again.

Pluto also teaches us the story of the rising Phoenix. To rise, the Phoenix must first fall into the flames. Through the fire, it started, the Phoenix transforms and rises out of the ashes. We, society, are the Phoenix, and the process we are enduring right now is the fire. We are being transformed, and we will rise again. We will continue on with our evolution, and we will continue to ride the ongoing cycle of this planet and the Universe. Yes, it's hard, but all transformation is challenging. As we go through this fire, we gain a chance to heal, on a personal level and on a collective level. The great pause we are experiencing is a time to process unresolved grief, blocking our growth. Afterward, when our doors open, we will grieve and heal together becoming stronger through our shared experience. We also have a chance to mend our great planet, who ultimately is calling all the shots. While these other planets are influencing us, the main planet influencing the current events is the one we are standing on. She has a chance to heal too, and we have an opportunity to transform our actions which harm her into ones that sustain her. With Pluto sitting in Capricorn, there is a huge Earth component here, and it's quite clear that Mother Earth is enjoying her break.

As we traverse through Pluto Retrograde, keep in mind these high sides and opportunities of this transit: healing, transforming, processing unresolved grief, finding meaning in trauma, and trusting the ongoing cycles of the Universe. It's also important to be aware of the lower vibrations of Pluto, which are fear, paranoia, mistrust, and resistance to the confrontation of shadows. Notice when any of these come up in your energy and instead find ways to align with the rising Phoenix. Transform this crisis into an opportunity for global healing. Feel the gifts of Jupiter, and find ways to expand hope around you. Be kind to others, especially when they are in fear, practice daily compassion, and be generous to those around you. These are the higher sides of Jupiter, act in accordance with them, and you will help raise the vibration of the planet so we can all experience the opportunities of this Retrograde.

The crystal for Pluto Retrograde is Ruby Tourmaline. It helps you show yourself compassion and unconditional love during times of transformation. Learn more about the crystals for each planetary retrograde with the Crystal Retrograde Kit