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Jupiter in Capricorn: Don’t Settle

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Jupiter, the planet of expansion moves from Sagittarius into Capricorn today until December 19th, 2020. Jupiter’s energy holds space for us to bloom. It is perhaps the most positive energy we can work with in astrology. Jupiter reminds us that our unwavering faith and belief in ourselves is exactly what attracts serendipity and magic. Jupiter wants us to behave like kings and queens in every situation; to hold ourselves in a regal matter worthy of living our greatest dreams. Jupiter encourages us to feel our power to create our reality through positive thinking and the willingness to grow. To feel the immense magic of Jupiter, we must be willing to expand past our comfort zones, into the unknown where unlimited potential awaits us. If we are standing on a cliff looking at a vast landscape full of everything we desire, Jupiter pushes us off the cliff. It is only our committed belief that we can fly which prevents us from falling flat on our face. Jupiter gives us wings and teaches us how to use them.

Capricorn is a very different energy compared to Jupiter. Capricorn is focused, grounded and motivated. Capricorn’s energy helps us expand through hard work, dedication and calculated risks. Capricorn asks us to be conservative in our energy expenditure. It wants us to be very cautious when deciding who and what is worth our energy. Once we set our sights on something, Capricorn helps us discipline ourselves to keep the focus on the end goal. Whenever you feel yourself wander from a decided path, call upon Capricorn to help reorient yourself towards what you want to achieve.

When Jupiter meets Capricorn, the expansive energy of Jupiter becomes grounded in the focus on Capricorn. Simply put, it’s a time to pick a big dream, bigger than one you’ve ever allowed yourself to pursue. Then commit to this dream with all of your energy, whether it be centered around your career, starting a company, taking a big adventure, getting married, having a child, or moving to a new town. Commit to a vision of yourself you want to cultivate over the next year. Choose something you may have shied away from in the past because it seemed too hard, or involved too much work. Know that now is the time to stop selling yourself short. You are capable of achieving bigger dreams. You are capable of the hard work and discipline needed to expand to your fullest potential.

How do you decide where to focus this Jupiter energy? How do you decide what your big dream will involve over the next year? The answer lies in your houses. Pause from reading this article and pull your personal chart at astro-charts.com. Look at your natal chart and find Capricorn on the outer wheel. Then look at the house number on the inside wheel. Everyone has Capricorn governing a house in their chart. Many of you will have Capricorn covering two houses. Houses represent various areas of your life. They are the places energies show up. The area ruled by Capricorn is activated in your life by Jupiter transiting this house. This area is where to focus and harness the expansive energy of Jupiter over the next year. This is the place to believe you are capable of achieving anything and be relentless in your pursuits.


If Capricorn is in your:

First House of the Self: It's time to feel the truth of who you are. How can you understand yourself, and your power on a deeper level? How can incorporate your entire identity into everything you do? The work: Understanding yourself.

Second House of Resources: It's time to feel your worth. How can you feel good enough for your greatest visions? How can you believe you are capable of attracting abundance by sharing your creations with the world? The work: Believing in yourself.

Third House of Communication: It's time to communicate on a larger level. How can you share your energy with others more? How can you expand the use of your voice and believe in what you have to say? The work: Refining your voice.

Fourth House of the Home: it's time to focus on your home, both physically and mentally. How can you create a home environment that supports your highest potential? How can you expand through self-care and discipline yourself in making it a priority? The work: Building the support needed for your dreams.

Fifth House of Play: It's time to focus on joy and having a good time. How can you expand through play and relaxation? How can you integrate more joy into your responsibilities and give yourself a break from them when needed? The work: Creating a life full of joy.  

Sixth House of Service: it's time to focus on being of service through your unique gifts. How can you find joy in helping others? How can you expand yourself through service and refine your inherent skills? The work: Finding and mastering your natural gifts. 

Seventh House: It's time to focus on your relationships. How can you expand through partnerships, even if you have to work hard to make the union benefit everyone? What big project can you tackle with the help of others? The work: Creating a team, whether it be 2 people or 10. 

Eighth House of Personal Growth: It's time to focus on your shadows and your healing. How can you do the work needed to evolve your psyche? How can you embrace your magic once you heal your deepest wounds? The work: Embracing both your darkness and light. 

Ninth House of Knowledge: It's time to focus on expanding your horizons. How can you encounter new knowledge, new energy and new ways of thinking? How can you embrace travel and new perspectives to help you grow? The work: Taking a chance.

Tenth House of Career: It's time to focus on your work. How can you commit to your life’s work on a grander level? How can you find fulfillment in the hard work needed to accomplish your biggest goals? The work: Focusing your energy. 

Eleventh House of the Collective: It's time to focus on the future of yourself and humanity. How can you contribute to the greater good of everyone you meet? How can you expand your frequency to help change the world and who can help you meet these dreams? The work: Seeing beyond yourself. 

Twelfth House of Spirituality: It's time to focus on your spiritual health. How can spiritual practices allow you to expand to your greatest potential? How can you discipline yourself to meditate, practice yoga, or invest in your enlightenment above everything else in your life? The work: Committing to an equanimous mind.

Wherever Capricorn falls in your chart, remember the key message of Jupiter is: don’t settle. Expect miracles to happen and when they do, know that it is your energy calling them in. Believe the best will happen and it will. Now is the time to go after your biggest dreams. Yes, they will take work and discipline, but Jupiter in Capricorn makes the hard work more enjoyable and serendipitous. Once you commit to something, watch the pieces fall magically into place. Know the road to your dreams won’t be a struggle, but rather they will be a fulfilling journey meant to align you with your soul’s calling. There is a part of you that knows your truest potential. Allow this part of you to come through, allow it to shine. Embody your most confident self and have unwavering faith in your ability to achieve ANY dream you dare to dream.

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